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Whether you are traveling abroad for business, vacation, or a family visit, you’ll probably agree that you don’t want to get sick. Being sick is no fun when you are in your comfortable and familiar settings, but it is much worse when you are far away from home or in a foreign culture.

In this blog post from Jivana Care, we’d like to talk about what you need to know about travel immunizations, how you can protect yourself, and why you shouldn’t approach your international travel with a cavalier attitude about the health risks.

Find Out Which Immunizations You Need.
Every country has a different list of recommended and required immunizations. An engaging and user-friendly way to find out which immunizations you need is to visit the CDC’s Traveler’s Health website and select the country you’ll be visiting. You can also ask your doctor or visit and look at the data sheet on your destination country.

Get Your Immunizations Early
Don’t wait until the last minute to get your immunizations. Even if your travel plans are a year in the future, you should look into your immunizations right away. Some immunizations, such as Hepatitis B, have a schedule of multiple shots over several months. On the other hand, if you haven’t made prior arrangements and need your shots at the last minute, our health care clinic offers patients walk-in service with no appointment required. Get your travel vaccinations right here.

For Diseases that Don’t Offer Immunizations, Take Other Precautions
Malaria is an example of a serious illness that doesn’t have a vaccine. Instead, you’ll have to take preventative medication. For diseases like zika, chikungunya, and dengue, you should inform yourself how to minimize your risk of being bitten by mosquitoes, like using appropriate mosquito netting, protective clothing, and bug spray. For diseases like cholera, take precautions on the cleanliness of the food and drink that you consume.

You’re Not Invincible

If you’re as healthy as a horse and never get sick, are you safe? Not by a long shot. You may be the healthiest person you know at home, but as soon as you find yourself in a foreign environment, your body is exposed to germs that it’s not used to, and you can be a sitting duck for the invasion of all those germs. Compound this with unfamiliar food, potentially unsanitary conditions, and contaminated water, and you have a recipe for sickness just waiting to happen. If you would take the precaution of drinking bottled water while you are abroad, why wouldn’t you take the precaution of getting the immunizations that will give your body the resistance it needs against a potential infectious disease?

Even if you’ve traveled before with no ill effects, it’s a fallacy to believe that your great track record gives you any indication of your future track record regarding your health on overseas trips. Take the precaution; get the shot.

Count on Jivana Care For All Your Travel Immunizations

Jivana Care is your source in Bethesda, MD for travel immunizations. Walk in today to get the shots you need. We also offer many other health care services, such as minor injury treatmentphysical examslab testing, and more.

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