Forms! Forms! Forms! We know you are tired of filling out piles of forms. If you are to the point in your CDL application or your INS Permanent residency (Green Card) application where you are looking to schedule a physical exam, the end is in sight!

Jivana Care can help! Besides being a health care center that also offers walk-in primary care, we do physical exams for immigration packets, sports permission slips and commercial driver’s licenses applications. This week we’ll continue with some FAQs about CDL’s.

What is a DOT anyway?

The Department of Transportation is the nation’s department for regulating transportation.

  • They are responsible, according to, for the transportation system and infrastructure.
  • Its regulatory scope is extremely wide, from pilots to bridges, from train tracks to teen driving statistics.

Is there a Urine Test?

  • Yes.
  • Your urine will be tested for, opiates, cocaine,  marijuana, amphetamines, and PCP.
  • Many of these drugs show up in a urine test for years after usage and the urine test is very sensitive.
  • They will also test your blood for signs of diabetes.

Are there physical conditions that in exclude me from getting a commercial license?

  • There are some restrictions on CDL’s.
  • These exclusion include uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, poor vision, certain mental disorders and advanced heart disease.
  • Alcoholism and failing the drug test are two ways to be disqualified from a CDL.

If you need to schedule a DOT exam or an immigration exam for the INS, call Jivana Care in Bethesda and we’ll get a physical scheduled for you.