Our walk-in clinic at Jivana Care is conveniently located at 4314 Montgomery Ave Bethesda MD 20814. We offer state-of-the-art facilities and great medical services for our patients. Walk-in clinics are a great alternative to hospital emergency rooms for a number of reasons.

1. Cost

When a patient has a minor medical emergency, such as a high fever or burnt arm, it is easy to jump to a hospital emergency as the first option. Unfortunately, this is often an expensive and timely choice. At Jivana Care, we provide the same primary care services at a less costly price. We accept most insurance and work with our patients to find the best method for paying for their health.

2. Time Saver

Not only are walk-in clinics money savers, they are also huge time savers. When you have a minor medical emergency and go into a hospital
emergency room, there is often a long wait to be seen by a physician. Why wait hours in a waiting room when you can walk into Jivana Care and be seen by a physician immediately?

3. Compassionate Care

After waiting hours in an emergency room to be seen, it is often by a rushed and busy physician who quickly treats you and gives you medication for your ailment. One of the benefits of coming into our walk-in clinic at Jivana Care is the compassionate care that you receive from our physicians. Rather than getting you in and out, we build a relationship and try to treat your condition in the best way possible.

Our walk-in clinic at Jivana Care offers a number of benefits over an emergency room. If you are looking for a fast and compassionate healthcare option, come into our walk-in clinic for all your minor medical emergency needs.