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Allergies are a peculiar phenomenon. They are, essentially, an overreaction of the immune system to stimuli that are not, by their nature, poisonous. Peanuts and pollen, for example, are not innately dangerous to humans.

This begs the question: why can’t the human immune system remain calm when presented with these stimuli?

Well, with training, it can. Here at Jivana Care, we offer an anti-allergy treatment known as immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy is a method of reducing the symptoms of common allergies. Through tightly-controlled exposure to allergens, a patient’s immune system can be taught to understand these stimuli better, resulting in less sneezing, itching, and swelling in response to those allergens.

This practice begins with a “prick test,” which gauges a patient’s sensitivity to common allergens. At our health care clinic here in Bethesda, we also test for the allergens that are specific to the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

Once we have identified the allergens that you’re sensitive to, we acquire very small, refined samples of those allergens. When the samples are ready, patients will revisit the clinic for their first immunotherapy dose. At that time, they’ll also receive a supply of doses to be taken at home on a regular schedule.

For 12 months, patients will take these doses in between visits to the doctor. At the end of that term, your allergy symptoms should see a noticeable reduction. We’ll conduct a new sensitivity test to measure your progress.

If you’d like to try immunotherapy, please call us at 240-345-9916 to schedule an appointment. Our doctors will carefully walk you through the entire process.

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