When it comes to STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), it is important to be aware and up-to-date on all vaccinations and preventative methods. One of the most common STDs is HPV, otherwise known as human papillomavirus. At Jivana Care Bethesda, MD our state-of-the-art STD clinic offers walk-in appointments and confidential health services, so that you can come in on your own time and be provided with complete privacy.

So why is HPV such a big deal?

There exist roughly 40 strains of HPV and 20 million people are infected with HPV per year. A lot of these people do not show any HPV symptoms and it can stay dormant for years. HPV is a big deal because it causes cervical cancer in women, which has a very high mortality rate. In addition, HPV can cause other types of cancers and leads to genital warts. Although although the HPV vaccine does protect against a large percentage of cervical cancer and genital warts, it’s still a good idea to protect yourself against the strains you can. Since HPV is so common in both the male and female population, it is important for both men and women to take preventative actions against contracting. The vaccine is generally given to young men and women a few years before they become sexually active.

Is the HPV vaccine effective?

The vaccine protects against a few major HPV strains, but not every strain that can cause cervical cancer. The vaccine is generally given to young girls a few years before they become sexually active.
If you are interested in learning more about HPV and the HPV vaccine, or would like to come in today for your vaccination, walk into Jivana Care Bethesda, MD – no appointment necessary! We look forward to helping you stay healthy soon.