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Opioid addiction is at epidemic proportions, especially in the United States. If you are facing a dependence yourself, or someone you love has a growing opioid dependence, then you know the power that this class of drugs has over people. One of the best things you can do to overcome an opioid dependence is to get help before it turns into a full-blown addiction. You can now get help in Bethesda at Jivana Care. Call now for more information how Jivana can help you or your loved one overcome their dependence on opioid painkillers.


Opioids include synthetic, and non-synthetic drugs what mimic opium, which is made from poppies.
According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s 2016 information, the following drugs are in the opioid family: prescriptions pain relievers including oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet) , hydrocodone (Vicodin), codeine, morphine ( Kadian, Avinza), and fentanyl.


Jivana Care treats opioid dependence. A dependence is present when a tolerance has been built up and it takes more of the drug to manifest the same level of pain relief. This type of dependence is distinguished from addiction in that addiction is also accompanied by self-destructive behaviors, abnormal craving for the drug, and compulsive use of the drug. Even if you consider yourself “just” dependent, it is best to get help so that these drugs don’t damage your body, or lead you into an addiction.


If your life has not been touched by opioid addiction, you are in a quickly shrinking group of people. IN 2016, the number of accidental fatal opiate overdoses reached 47,055. That means that 78 people die everyday from opioid overdoses. This number does not include, of course, the non-lethal overdoses where the person survived. That is an incredible number of people, and if you extend it to how it affects their communities, family, and friends, the ripples of consequences reach into almost every corner of America. One of the unexpected statistics about this particular epidemic is that the ages of people who overdose. Overdoses are highest among people between the ages of 25 and 54. These startling statistics highlight the proportions of this epidemic and Jivana Care is proud to be helping people out of opiod dependence.

Get help before your dependence becomes an addiction. Call Jivana Care now.

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