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Jivana Care is a walk-in clinic that is also a primary care office. We see patients on a nonemergency basis for regular preventative care, such as physicals and shots. One great advantage we have over an urgent care center is that we can also be the primary care for the whole family. This means when you bring your child in for yet another weekend ear infections, we can look at the situation as a whole and look at more than just dealing  with this ear infection with antibiotics. We can help to uncover a pattern, if there is and suggest remedies.

Most families with small children learn the signs of ear infections in children.If you are wondering if what you are dealing with in indeed an ear infection your child is having you can check the common symptoms below

  • Is your child waking more frequently than normal and waking in distress?
  • Have they recently had a cold?
  • Do they have a history of ear infections?
  • Is your child pulling at their ear?
  • Is your child cranky?
  • Does your child show signs of lack of balance?
  • Do they have a fever or 100°F or higher (38° C)
  • If your child is nursing, do they stop more frequently than normal?
  • Do they have a decreased appetite overall?


If you think your child needs medical attention, call Jivana Care for a same-day appointment. We are open seven days a week, from  9 AM to 4:30 PM.

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