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HPV Vaccination

There are several immunizations that you need to keep up on over the course of your life, and the HPV immunization is certainly one of them. When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, it is important to be aware and up-to-date on all vaccinations and preventative methods. One of the most common STDs is HPV, otherwise known as human papillomavirus. No one is immune to HPV, and nearly everyone will have some type of HPV at some point during the course of their lives. Luckily for you, Jivana Care of Bethesda can treat HPV in men and HPV in women. We want the people of Bethesda to know that they can get the HPV shots that they need here at Jivana Care. HPV deserves no place within the Bethesda community, combat the spread of this virus through our vaccination and treatment services.

Human Papillomavirus Treatment in Bethesda

There are roughly 40 strains of HPV that can affect men and women, and 20 million people are infected with human papillomavirus infection per year. A lot of these people do not show any human papillomavirus infection symptoms, and it can stay dormant for years, which is why HPV tests for men and women are so important. Human papillomavirus infection can cause types of cancer and may lead to genital warts. Although the HPV vaccine does protect against a large percentage of cervical cancer and genital warts, it's still a good idea to protect yourself against the strains you can with an HPV shot. Since there are so many cases of HPV in men as well as HPV in women, it is important for both men and women to take preventative actions against contracting the disease and get HPV shots. The HPV vaccine is generally given to young men and women a few years before they become sexually active. Seeking HPV treatment in Bethesda is easy with Jivana Care, if you are in need of vaccination or treatment, our clinicians can help.

HPV Vaccine for Men and Women in Bethesda

The HPV immunization protects against a few major HPV strains, but not every strain that can cause cervical cancer. HPV in women causes cervical cancer, which has a very high mortality rate. The HPV immunization is generally given to young girls a few years before they become sexually active. At Jivana Care in Bethesda, we can test for HPV in women and provide HPV shots and HPV treatment. We provide HPV tests for men and women in Bethesda to make sure everyone is healthy and happy. Help us keep HPV out of Bethesda by getting vaccinated or treated, today.

A Center in Bethesda in HPV in Women

At Jivana Care of Bethesda we administer HPV tests and treatments for men and women. One of the things that HPV in men usually results in is penis cancer. We want to do whatever we can to help the people of Bethesda stay healthy, and that's why we provide the HPV vaccine for men and women. Don't let something minor become something major and come to Jivana Care of Bethesda for human papillomavirus treatment.

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