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The school year is starting up again, which, for parents, means school paperwork and making sure all the needed paperwork has made it to the right department at school. The nurse needs to receive the immunization records, and the athletic director needs to get the sports physical paperwork. To learn more about vaccine and physical requirements in Maryland and what services Jivana Care Primary Care and Walk-in clinic in Bethesda offers, keep reading.


If your child is attending a public school in Maryland, they are required to have certain vaccines to ensure the health of the community, as well as individual students. The required vaccines include diphtheria and tetanus, chickenpox, hepatitis B, polio and measles, mumps, and rubella.The complete list and age schedule can be found here.

Sports Physicals

For students in Montgomery County to participate in athletics, they must have passed the appropriate sports physical and provide proof in the form of the documentation provided by the school. For middle school athletics, grades seven and eight, student-athletes must pass a medical evaluation every two years. When students participate in high school athletics, grades nine through 12, they must submit proof of a yearly pre-participation physical evaluation. The paperwork for this can be found here.
Jivana Care makes school registration vaccination requirements and school sports physicals easy to get. We offer walk-in clinics for last minute needs, and we can also schedule  appointments to fit your busy schedule. We even have weekend hours, so you won’t have to take time off of work to get the school paperwork completed in time. Our hours are Mon-Fri 9AM – 4:30PM and Sat & Sun 9AM to 4:30PM. Call today for an appointment or walk in!

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