Jivana Care offers health care services and is a walk-in clinic and a primary care facility. We offer immigration exams that are required by the INS when applying for a Green Card. We also offer sport-related and work-related physicals. A commonly requested physical is the POT physical.

We’ll spend this week’s blog answering some FAQs.

Why Do I Need to Have a DOT Exam?

  • Also within its scope, is the Commercial Driver’s License regulation, and one law is that to drive a commercial vehicle, such as a truck or van is that you have to pass a physical exam.
  • Since it is a law, the DOT must comply and make sure that all CDL applicants have passed a DOT physical exam and received a DOT medical certificate.

What Should I Expect?

  • Many people are surprised at how easy and simple the DOT exam is.
  • Of course, it does vary some from physician to physician.
  • You will be asked a series of questions about your medical history.
  • The main aspects include having your blood pressure taken, your hearing checked casually, and your peripheral vision checked.
  • Your blood pressure has to be below 140/90 to get a two-year license.
  • If your BP is only a bit too high, you can be given a three-month card so that you can take action.
  • You will also be checked for a hernia.
  • You may be asked to lift something, to bend over and even to crawl across the floor.


If you are ready to schedule your DOT Exam, call Jivana Care and we’ll get one set up for you.