1. Stay Safe in Icy Conditions!

    Jivana Care is a walk-in clinic for the entire family located in Bethesda MD. We have walk-in care for acute needs such as Urgent Care situations, examples of which you can read here, and immunization…Read More

  2. Questions Around Cold and Flu Season

    Cold and flu season is just beginning with local activity being reported in Maryland and some sporadic cases in the District, but it’s coming and it’s best to be prepared. Here at Jivana Care in B…Read More

  3. Opioid Dependence

    Opioid addiction is at epidemic proportions, especially in the United States. If you are facing a dependence yourself, or someone you love has a growing opioid dependence, then you know the power that…Read More

  4. Walk-in Lab Testing and Diagnostics

    Jivana care Walk-in Clinic is proud of your Lab & Diagnostic Center. We know that sometimes you know that you need to be seen and treated immediately. We have Urgent Care services as well as prima…Read More

  5. Urgent Care for Pediatric Emergencies

    If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, be sure to call 911 or go straight to the closest Emergency Room. The rule of thumb that most parents learn quickly is that if you think your chil…Read More

  6. What Do DOT Exams Cover?

      Forms! Forms! Forms! We know you are tired of filling out piles the forms. If you are to the point in your CDL application or your INS Permanent residency (Green Card) application where you are…Read More

  7. DOT Physcical FAQs

    Jivana Care is offer urgent care services, is a walk-in clinic and a primary care facility. We offer immigration exams that are required by the INS when applying for a Green Card. We also offer sport-…Read More

  8. After a Sprain, Don’t Just Walk It Off

    By JANE E. BRODY Whenever I see a woman walking (or trying to) in stilettos skinny heels over 3 inches high my first thought is, "There's a sprained ankle waiting to happen." An estimated 28,000 ankle…Read More