Hepatitis B Vaccine in Bethesda, MD

Like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B is an extremely dangerous liver disease that can cause significant liver damage, liver cancer, and death. The best way to prevent Hep B is to make sure that you have received your Hepatitis B vaccine. We have established a team of professionals at Jivana Care that has provided the people of Bethesda and the areas that surround it with the Hep B vaccines and Hep B vaccine schedules that they need remain healthy. When you or your children need your Hepatitis B vaccinations, look no further than Jivana Care in Bethesda. We pride ourselves on not only properly administering Hep B vaccines, but ensuring patients of our Bethesda clinic are educated on the benefits and expectations of a proper vaccine schedule.

Treating Hepatitis B in Bethesda

Hepatitis B is spread when blood, semen or other infected bodily fluids enters a person's body who is not infected. Hepatitis B can be transferred through birth, the sharing of toothbrushes, razors or needles, contacting blood or open sores, and sexual intercourse. Hep B is the cause of approximately 2,000 deaths in the United States and can easily be avoided if you take the proper precautions and make sure that you receive your Hep B vaccine. At Jivana Care of Bethesda, our team of experienced doctors will administer your Hepatitis B vaccination and help you stay on your Hep B vaccine schedule.

Keeping Bethesda on Their Hep B Vaccine Schedule

To reap the benefits of long-term protection from Hep B, you'll need to get your Hepatitis B vaccine in three or four doses over the course of six months. At Jivana Care in Bethesda, our experienced medical professionals will not only help make your Hep B vaccine schedule but will help you stay on your schedule as well. Keeping Hep B out of Bethesda is something that we are passionate about, and that's why we have made providing the Hep B vaccine to our wonderful Bethesda patients one of our top priorities.

Bethesda's Premier Hep B Clinic

When you come to a Bethesda area medical clinic to get your Hepatitis B vaccine, you need to be sure that you're receiving your shots form a place that you trust. We have assembled a team of experienced medical professionals that have made administering Hepatitis B vaccines and keeping a proper Hep B vaccine schedule a top priority of theirs. We want to do our part to keep Hepatitis B out of Bethesda and the people of Bethesda happy and healthy, and we do that by providing our patients with the Hep B vaccines that they need when they need it.

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No other vaccination clinic in the Bethesda area have the best interests of you and your family in mind like we do. So, if you or your children need the Hepatitis B vaccine or have any questions about your Hep B vaccine schedule, Jivana Care of Bethesda is the place for you. Feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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