Abdominal Aorta Scan in Bethesda, MD

The primary purpose of an abdominal aorta scan is to check for an aneurysm, which more often than not reveals itself in the form of an enlarged aorta. The abdominal scan, handled by our experienced sonographers at Jivana Care of Bethesda, uses two different ultrasounds to examine the entire length of the aorta thoroughly. As a top diagnostic center in Bethesda, Jivana Care has the team of experienced medical professionals capable of handling thorough abdominal aorta scans. You can count on Jivana Care of Bethesda to provide you with the abdominal scans that you need to take the next step towards living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Abdominal Scans in Bethesda

The safe, painless abdominal aorta scan only takes around 20 minutes at our Bethesda office, but it can be incredibly revealing. Your doctor might recommend that you come to Jivana Care of Bethesda for an abdominal aorta scan for several reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Tobacco Use
  • History of Tobacco Use
  • Family History of AAA
  • Advanced Coronary Disease
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm without Rupture
  • Abdominal Pain

Regardless of the reason that your doctor recommends that you undergo an abdominal aorta scan, you can trust that you're in good hands with the heart specialists at Jivana Care of Bethesda.

Thorough Bethesda Abdominal Scans

One of the things that makes Jivana Care the top diagnostic centers in Bethesda is the dedication that our medical professionals have for providing our patients with thorough abdominal scans. We take the health of our Bethesda patients just as seriously as they do, and we know that our thorough abdominal scans play a large role in the direction of medical treatment our clients take in the future. When you come to visit the qualified sonographers in Jivana Care of Bethesda, you can count on receiving a thorough examination from a qualified professional.

Abdominal Aorta Scans from a Bethesda Diagnostic Center You Can Trust

We know that any relationship, especially one with your diagnostic center, cannot exist if it's not built on the basis of trust. When you come to Jivana Care of Bethesda for an abdominal scan, you can trust that you'll receive a thorough examination from an established medical professional. We want the people of Bethesda to know that they have access to a quality diagnostic center in Jivana Care.

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